Beach Volleyball is a fantastic way to take advantage of Australia's beautiful weather while getting a serious workout. In an average match you work your cardiovascular system, tone your core, glutes, lower back, upper body, thighs and calves. This is all possible as it requires more effort to move through the sand while playing. However the benefits aren't just physical; the game is also a great way to improve your hand eye coordination and mental agility.

BEACH TENNIS: Introducing the hottest new sport

Combine the fun, social nature of volleyball and the fast pace of tennis …. And you get the exciting sport of Beach Tennis. Beach Tennis can be played both competitively or recreationally and because its so simple to play, it appeals to athletes and non-athletes of all ages. Beach Tennis is played with specially designed paddles and de-pressurized tennis balls that make it easier to keep a rally going

Squash is a fun and very social way of keeping fit

Squash is a fun and very social way of keeping fit. ABC Squash & Fitness have 6 competition courts that are available to hire from early morning to night – (subject to availability and opening hours).

We also have an fully stocked Pro-Shop, where you can buy the latest in squash equipment including racquets, shoes, balls and accessories. We also perform restrings and racquet repairs.




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